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Marketing plan:
partial client list.
  • Agnes' Very, Very, LLC — Makers of Bake ‘mmm Bagels, USA
  • Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children, US / Australia
  • Andromeda Mobile Solutions, South Africa
  • Barrington Insurance Brokers, South Africa
  • Beacon Hill Associates, Inc. — Environmental Insurance, USA
  • Cape Quarter — A Cape Town shopping center, South Africa
  • Celebrate Me Home — A Habitat for Humanity / MVPeople! fundraiser, USA
  • Children First — A United Way Community Initiative, USA
  • EarthBox, South Africa
  • Executive Business Machines, Lesotho
  • Fort Richmond Safaris, South Africa
  • Freelance Design Group, USA
  • Freeman, Graves & Hall, Inc. — Insurance, USA
  • Lesotho Electronics Development Corporation
  • Lesotho Lotto
  • Lesotho Ministry of Health
  • LP Unlimited — Audio-Visual & Staging, South Africa
  • Martin Horn, Inc. — Construction, USA
  • Michael Mount Waldorf School, South Africa
  • Mobicom — Social Entrepreneurs, South Africa
  • MVPeople! — Team-building & Events, USA
  • Océ South Africa — Digital Printing
  • operation Lionheart — South Africa
  • Reines Jewelers, USA
  • Rapidan Organic Farm, USA
  • Short Insurance Associates, USA
  • Standard Chartered Bank of Africa PLC, Lesotho
  • Sunergia Soyfoods, Inc., USA
  • University of Virginia Rowing Association, USA
  • Virginia Department of Health, Infant Mortality Review Program, USA
  • Wyndford Holiday Farm, South Africa
Media Planning

It is at the heart of business.
Without it, there is no business.
Well-planned, integrated strategic marketing has created more wealth than any other business activity …
more than winning products, perseverance, hard work or team spirit.

An integrated, strategic marketing plan is a roadmap to success … a blueprint for building the business of your dreams … the difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary results … your best defense against an economic slump. Not only will a strategic marketing plan help you survive the economic downturn — it will revitalize your business in ways that you might never have imagined.

And if you think that strategic marketing planning is something only large corporations need to do, think again. You need a plan too, no matter how small or big you are.

"If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I´d spend six hours sharpening my axe."
— Abraham Lincoln

Whether you need to launch a new business, revitalise an old one or develop a CSI programme ... here are three reasons why you ought to invest in a strategic plan:

1. It captures thinking on paper.

Think of all the ideas you´ve discussed in the past. How many were ever implemented? Getting it down on paper provides a framework for discussion, contribution, change, growth, creativity and actual achievement.

2. It provides a bird´s eye view of your business.

It is easy to lose sight of the big picture, especially when it´s not directly related to the daily operations of your business. A marketing plan:

  • provides an evaluation of your current situation.
  • identifies barriers to your success.
  • examines your business relative to the competition.
  • identifies opportunities for increasing revenue.
  • defines your most lucrative audiences.
  • defines the essence of what needs to be communicated.
  • provides strategies for branding and communication.
  • proposes marketing and promotional activities and schedules.
  • identifies relevant media and proposes a media placement schedule.
  • … and much, much more.
3. It gives you a programme for action.

A tailor-made marketing plan gives focus and direction to the marketing that needs to be done to achieve your business goals, while minimizing the wastage of precious funds. It:

  • stops ad-hoc activities.
  • dovetails efforts and aligns action towards a common objective.
  • provides a rational platform from which to plan and budget your marketing and advertising spend.
  • becomes a template and benchmark to work from as your business grows.

In short, a strategic marketing plan is a carefully formulated blueprint for turning your ideas, expertise, services or products into money and your business into a success … while making optimum use of available resources

Get 20-plus years of industry experience distilled into a strategic marketing plan carefully formulated to generate extraordinary demand for your ideas, expertise, services or products.

Therésa Müller, ZA Group CEO, has created and executed comprehensive, tailor-made strategic marketing plans for customers in industries ranging from banking to construction, electronics, finance, health, hospitality, insurance, investment, fashion, agriculture, perishables, frozen and baked goods, pharmaceuticals, publishing, shopping centres and more — nationally and internationally.

Find out more about our unique made-to-order, modular approach to strategic marketing planning.

Developing a comprehensive, integrated marketing plan is a time- and labour-intensive process that often seems too costly for many businesses to contemplate — despite its necessity. Because ZA Group is committed to making a difference, we have developed a flexible and affordable approach to Strategic Marketing Planning that makes this essential tool accessible to businesses of every shape and size.

Let us know if you would like more information about our unique approach and the costs associated with having a strategic marketing plan developed. See contact button below ... or call 0860 92 0000 and ask to speak to one of the directors.

Either way we will send more information and follow up with a telephone call. At the very least, you´ll get to discuss your business with a well-informed marketer. No obligation.

"Better go home and make a net, rather than dive for fish at random."
— Chinese proverb

ZA Group was founded with a firm commitment to making a significant, positive contribution to the economic and social wellbeing of all South Africans. We harness the power of communication to empower people and institutions to grow their businesses, generate employment and create wealth for themselves and their communities.

Site conceptualised, written and designed by the ZA Team.

Get the attention of a targeted audience

Get the attention
of a targeted audience: A basic marketing strategy
for any business.
Learn how to develop a simple, but highly effective marketing plan tailormade for your business and guaranteed to bring your product or service to the attention of a precisely targeted audience.

Client Testimonials:

"The Strategic Marketing Planning process is a gruelling and intensive affair that leaves you feeling exhausted, but all this is made worthwhile when you see the final document and how thorough it is … the resultant strategy is a really great foundation for our sales and marketing team to work with to get our product out en mass. As always, it has been money well spent in using ZA Group."
— Jonathan Norton, Operations Manager, Operation Lionheart

"The world is full of consultants who can devise strategic marketing plans. Few people have the inherent discipline, the vision and the skills to bring those plans — in every last detail — into the real world. Therésa has those skills. She can oversee a creative team at the same time that she instructs her staff in the principles of good design. She can manage a client´s creative budget at the same time that she defines the strategy that will place that client on the map. And she can create pieces that speak with clarity and conviction to virtually any audience … Therésa Müller is, without a doubt, the most talented marketing professional I have ever met."
— Carol Keese, Marketing Director, Musculoskeletal Center, University of Virginia Medical Center

"It was my expectation that a marketing firm could not be of assistance to us, since we operate in a specialty area of law. I had the firm belief that without a full background in patent law and its related fields, it would be impossible to give us guidance. This is one of those situations where it is great to be wrong."
— Sheldon H. Parker, Esquire, Parker & DeStefano P.C.

"… the marketing plan clearly identified our strengths and weaknesses, defined our most lucrative target groups, helped set realistic goals and objectives for the Group and outlined a strategy for our self-promotion … increased our market share by at least 50%."
— Renee Garcia, Principal, Freelance Design Group

"A resource at this level of competency, skill and quality is hard to come by …"
— John W. Travis M.D., Executive Secretary, Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children

"Therésa Müller´s talents in strategic marketing surpass any others with whom I have worked …"
— Janet Dob, Founder & President, Agnes´ Very, Very Llc. (Former Director: TJPDC / VEDC Microloan Program)

"I wanted to take this opportunity to commend you on the outstanding job that you did in our one-day needs analysis. I know that for many, if not most, of your clients the value of this process may not be readily understood …"
— David Winer, Senior Marketing Analyst, Mosaic Technologies

Strategic Marketing and Communications for Change